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Public Safety, Criminal Justice, & Investing in Social Services


So many people suffering from mental health issues are committing crimes in this city and so frequently it is due to a failure of services provided. We must do more to invest in social services, while keeping the peace and making sure that people feel safe in their communities. I believe we need to allow for judicial discretion in cases of violent crime so we do not run the risk of repeat offenders. 



We must improve the living conditions for our NYCHA residents and make much needed investments to expedite repairs and improve the infrastructure in these homes. Beyond public housing, we must make it easier for people to buy a home. As Senator, Jessica will work to increase affordable housing, particularly for families and expand incentives for first-time homebuyers to prevent people from leaving New York City.

Universal Child Care and

After School for All


Jessica's children are 8 and 5. She was fortunate enough to be home with her kids when they were babies, but truth be told, it would not have made sense to work because the cost of childcare was so high. COVID exposed the cracks in our system and countless women left the workforce during this time. It is crucial for parents to have the care they need for their children and as Senator, she will fight to reach universal childcare and after school for all. This will give our kids the head start they need, help them recover from the learning loss of the pandemic, and allow working parents to have peace of mind.

Mental Health


Over two years into this pandemic, we must address the mental health implications that this time will leave behind. Our children have missed time in school and critical years of their life that are key developmental stages. We cannot ignore the impact that this time has had on our children and on us as a society. Mental health care must be covered and services must be widely available. As Senator, she will prioritize funding for mental health services.



We must be doing all we can to make healthcare more affordable in New York State, including raising the income eligibility rates for Medicare in this state. COVID shined a light on the disparities in our healthcare system and it is time we take action to make it more affordable. People should not have to choose between putting food on the table or filling their prescriptions, we need to cap prescription drug costs and expand healthcare access to all NYS residents.



As the daughter of two public school teachers and a mother of two public school students, Jessica understands the importance of public education in our city and state. As your next State Senator, Jessica will fight for full and equitable funding for all of our public schools with nurses, school psychologists, and mental health professionals to address social emotional concerns of students. Jessica will fight for funding of vital after school programs and ensure that teachers have the resources to support all kids.

Small Businesses


Small Business is the backbone of our local economy. It should not take a village to open a business, yet so frequently that is the case. Jessica will work to create a task-force in Albany that will work to cut through the red tape and bureaucracy to streamline the process of opening a business in NYS, requiring the city and municipalities to have a comprehensive "check-list" for folks seeking to open their own companies.

Gun Violence Prevention


Jessica strongly believes in stopping gun violence at its source. We must fund violence interrupters in the community who are on the ground everyday and have an intimate knowledge of the place they serve.

Labor & Workers Rights


As the daughter of two UFT retirees, Jessica saw firsthand how fair wages, solid benefits, and a good pension can build the middle-class and create generational wealth. She watched her father organize teachers as a chapter-leader and watched her uncle advocate for issues that faced our first responders as a delegate in UFA. Throughout her career she has stood shoulder to shoulder with nurses fighting for safe staffing, CWA workers doing all they can to ensure that good paying jobs remain on Staten Island, and she will be PROUD to stand with the Amazon Labor Union as they look to set the example across the nation for how to organize. As Senator, she will work to
expand the right to organize. COVID reshaped the culture of work; She will support work from home legislation for state and city workers which will reduce congestion on our streets and give families the balance of life they deserve.

Reproductive Rights


We must expand coverage to a variety of care for their OBGYN, prenatal, and postnatal care including midwives, doulas, physicians, and nurse practitioners so women can birth the way they feel appropriate. Jessica will work to provide comprehensive access to reproductive healthcare including free contraceptives across the State.

Climate Change & Resiliency


Climate Change is here. We see extreme weather every year, most recently Hurricane Ida. As a coastal community, nearly everyone in this district knows someone affected by recent weather events. Jessica will advocate for investments in our infrastructure to ensure it is resilient enough for extreme weather circumstances.

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