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A story of working-class struggle

THE DAUGHTER OF TWO PUBLIC SCHOOL TEACHERS, Jessica learned early the lessons of worker solidarity from her father, a UFT chapter leader, and uncle, a delegate with the Firefighters union.

When Jessica’s brother was born with a chronic disability, her mom stayed home to care for him. Living on a single income, with mounting medical debt, taught Jess just how challenging it is for families to get by — lessons that have stayed with her to this day.

Tight finances encouraged Jessica to stay close to home and attend CUNY, where she earned her degree in Political Science. Her time there convinced her that CUNY and SUNY should be tuition free for all New Yorkers.

As a young mom, whose husband was on his second tour of duty in Afghanistan, Jessica learned firsthand how vital affordable, quality childcare is for working and single parents. And it’s why universal childcare is one of her top priorities.


Deep community roots

JESSICA HAS BEEN ACTIVE AT THE LOCAL LEVEL ACROSS THE 23RD SENATE DISTRICT. When vaccines first became available, but appointments were scarce, Jess booked over 1,000 vaccination appointments for constituents on both sides of the bridge

Jessica spent months during COVID helping a small, woman-owned business cut through the city’s bureaucracy and red tape to open what is now a thriving childcare center providing affordable care to working families.

Jessica has been focused on public safety and tackling gun violence by helping to secure funding for anti-gun initiatives and community groups across the district.


The policy experience to deliver

WHEN THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC HIT NEW YORK IN EARLY 2020, a short-sighted policy prevented expectant mothers from having a support person in the delivery room, and women across New York reached out to Jessica to change this. Jessica successfully fought for the creation of an Executive Order requiring hospitals to allow partners in the delivery room.

Working for the State Legislature, Jessica spearheaded the successful effort to pass legislation allowing for birth certificates for families who experienced the trauma of stillbirth.

Jessica helped pass legislation requiring insurers to cover IVF treatments, and as Senator she’ll fight to expand that coverage to LGBTQ+ families.


A record of results

DEMOCRAT JESSICA SCARCELLA-SPANTON HAS SPENT HER CAREER STANDING UP FOR WOMEN, FAMILIES AND WORKERS. From her childhood as the daughter of union activists to her work in the legislature supporting women’s health, Jessica always leans into the tough fights, organizes like hell, and won’t take no for an answer. 

Now, Jessica is running for State Senate to continue to fight to increase access to health care, expand childcare and after-school programs, get the guns off our streets and make our communities safer.

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